What is media and its types?

A definition of media would be that any material that provides information to the audience in a verbal, visual, or a sensory medium. Basically it is a means of communicating information. Media has evolved into a very complex thing these days and this has been made possible by the technological advancements and changes that have taken place. The basic meaning of media is that it is the distribution of information in a form other than words, which is known as pictures, texts, sound, or images.

Basically the word ‘media’ refers to the information transmission medium. This is evident from the fact that almost every person and organization in this modern world use some kind of media for communication. Communication is the key to every activity and existence. Thus, the concept of the media can be understood easily.

One of the oldest forms of media is print. Print media refers to the mass produced print which is evident in our cities, towns, and countries. The most popular and widely used type of print media are the print media. It is evident from the name itself that print media is predominantly used for mass print. People rely on this type of medium for all their news and information.

Another type of media is electronic media. Electronic media refers to the transfer of data using any system including the Internet and other computer networks. E-media generally refers to electronic books, websites, audio and video disks, compact disks, digital cameras, music systems, and other electronic devices. The major use of electronic media is for communication. E-mail and telephone conferences are two prominent examples of e-media.

Video and other graphics are the other types of multimedia. Multimedia or more commonly known as motion pictures and images. Film and television are the two major electronic media that are used for this purpose. Movies, music videos, and documentaries are other examples of motion pictures and images.

Print media and what is media in this case refers to the older forms of media such as newspapers. This was actually the first form of mass print. It gave readers and writers a physical form to put their thoughts and ideas in. The early print media did not give a format for images unlike what is happening today with computers and digital cameras. But even with these limitations, print media played an important role in educating, entertainment, and information dissemination.

Today, we have electronic media to boast of. This basically refers to any type of media that can be easily accessed over the Internet. This includes electronic books, music, and videos. Although electronic media has its demerits, it still holds a great role in our lives. As much as it is a boon to our lives, it also has its demerits.

So what is media and its types? These are basically different types of media that we use to communicate. All forms of media are advantageous in one way or another. For example, print media is quite important to us because it gives us physical copies of what we have written or spoken. In a way, it helps preserve and safeguard the memories and the content of what we have.